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Why I Started NT and How I Choose My Partners

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Why do I sell organic, natural and sustainable home and baby goods?

I'm a dirt-worshipping-tree-hugger. Spend just five minutes with me and you'll see why my friends have dubbed me as such: I don't eat meat and avoid produce doused in chemicals. I continuously seek out the most natural products, always learning more about the best out there. I have no tolerance for people who litter, and show no respect for our Earth. The list goes on, but you get the picture of why the term "hippie" is one I wear with pride.

I started Natural Thread because I was in search of a baby gift for a dear friend of mine. When she became pregnant, she also became more aware of the chemicals in our every day life. I wanted to find a gift that was safe and environmentally responsible. Finding products that met these standards proved to be difficult. I'd find a few items here and there, but few web sites were completely dedicated to health and sustainability - values I find so important.

It is my goal to bring you all the best eco-friendly home and baby goods in one place.  A one-stop location where you can feel good about the purchases you make. 

I will continuously search out the best companies that meet my expectations. Below are the organizations I'm currently partnering with. Keep an eye out in the comings weeks as I add more products from fantastic organizations that are making a real difference in our world.


Green Living Organics, glo 
White Lotus
  • organic products
  • Recycle and reuse of as much as possible
  • socially responsible
  • environmentally responsible 
  • handmade products in the USA

IMA Design Imports

  • fun GOTS certified organic products
  • AZO free dyes, water based inks for all prints
  • Recycled paper packaging
  • Fairly made, meeting safety standards

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