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My first blog! Me writing? Scary! I'm a perfectionist and writing is a process for me: one I hate but love at the same time. Not to mention I'm used to writing research papers, which are certainly much different than blogs. I often tell stories of my college news writing class at Texas Tech. It was the toughest and most intense class I took during my time at university. Research assignments were due at every class, and there was no limit to the amount of points you could lose on those papers - you could have a final grade in the negative! Like many things I've learned along the way, the toughest obstacles are often the most influential lessons of my life. I was so saddened to hear the instructor of that class, Robert Wernsman, passed away recently. Because of Mr. Wernsman I'll never misspell someone's name (automatic -50 points for EACH time it's misspelled), and the misuse of apostrophes will always make me a little bonkers.


But this blog isn't about me. It's about you. It's about your health, your family's health and your entire world. It's about bringing you healthy home products, starting with the place we spend so much of our time - our beds. And it's about making sure our planet is looked after in the process of taking care of ourselves. Without a healthy earth, we stand little chance to thrive as a species. Nor do the amazing creatures we share this planet with.


I believe that every moment, every breath, and every second in this life is precious. That's why I only partner with organizations that are doing their part to protect your health and our environment. From sustainable manufacturing practices and the humane treatment of all animals, to products that are organic, free of pesticides and harmful toxins, I believe it's time for a change in thinking. A change in living. So here's to your health. Here's to the freedom of all beings. Here's to Us. 




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